Yes, I decided to sell my life hours to provide for my family!

Facing financial hardship

Hi, I am 30-years old father for three children. I am very supportive person specially to my parents and anyone of my family members.
Currently I am facing the worest financial hardship which actually made me think of ending my life!
One day I was thinking of a way to go through this hard time and my 4-years old son was looking at me and he asked me: “Are you upset?”.

I did not answer him. He said: “This time will go”
I lost my words and after few minutes I told him that I will do anything to go through this time even if I had to sell myself to provide for them.
And here I am!

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As I thought of this idea, I asked ten friends about their opinion. All laughed !
This made me disappointed. I gave myself a break to think again. This is my idea and my dream. They do not have the right to decide either it will work or not.
I am the one facing the troubles so I can make this idea alive or it will die with me.

I will prove them wrong!

Three hours of my life were the greatest to me


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